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We accept Paypal. 

Hello everyone this is just a quick note to let you know what we do:

We specialize in 80's/early 90's cd's. What you see is what we've got. Don't ask us about any new cd releases we do not have any.
If you have any questions regarding song titles, line-up's etc. please email us we will gladly answer all your question.

Since most of our titles are one off's, it is necessary to reserve your order as quickly as possible, we can not reserve cd's without your name and proper address.

This may be done by e-mail or phone. Make sure you specify the artist and title and any other essential information. Make sure to give us your contact information, address, e-mail address, phone.
Reserved items will be held for 2 weeks (14 days) from receipt of reservation. Confirmation of reservation will be as soon as possible by e-mail or phone.
To receive your cds in a timely manner we would appreciate your payment.

All new (sometimes sealed) cd's in our stock are marked with an *.
We will re-check each cd/7" single regarding the condition of the booklet, back cover & cd and will send you an email with all details. Then you can let us know if you still want the item.

Most of our titles are one-offs, so you might find cd's in our list that are no longer available but are still in the list. The cd's will stay on our list until they are payed for and sent out. So please be patient with us.

Prices are in US$ and we would appreciate the payment to our Paypal account in US$. Off course you can also pay in Swiss Francs.
For currency exchange rates we recommend using the Universal Currency Converter

Please use Paypal whenever possible or send cash in a well concealed envelope.

Please use Paypal.

To place an order with Metal Dive, please follow the directions below that apply to your payment method.

CD's will be shipped in padded envelopes including cases. We can also send the cd's without cases to save on postage. (Ask for rates)

(When you call please have in mind that local time in Switzerland is 6 hours ahead of US eastern time zone)

Swiss Postal Service has increased the postage rates once more, also the US$ exchange rate is very low. We can offer you to mail the cd's without the trays. We will make sure that everything arrives in great condition. Feel free to inquire.

Postage including trays to USA/ASIA/AUSTRALIA by Swiss Postal Service
1-2 CD's Airmail US$  12.80
3-4 CD's Airmail US$  26.20
5-8 CD's Airmail US$  42.70
9-16 CD's Airmail US$  57.00
other quantities please ask    
recorded/registered delivery please ad   US$    7.20

(Please note, while we take great care to ensure your item is well packaged, we can accept no responsibility for items damaged or lost by the Postal Service)

We will ship cd's/7" singles to the following countries by "recorded delivery" only:
South America

(Because some of the cd's got lost there in the mail for whatever reason.)

Postage including trays within Europe by Swiss Postal Service
1-2 CD's Economy SFR     5.00
3-4 CD's  Economy SFR   10.50
5-8 CD's  Economy SFR   13.50
9-16 CD's Economy SFR   25.50
1-2 CD's Priority SFR     7.70
3-4 CD's Priority SFR   14.70
5-8 CD's Priority SFR   22.60
9-16 CD's Priority SFR   33.50
other quantities please ask    
recorded delivery please ad   SFR     6.00


Postage including trays within Switzerland
1 CD Economy Fr. 2.00
2 CD's Economy Fr. 2.00
Up to 2 kg Economy Fr. 7.00
1 CD Priority Fr. 2.50
2 CD's Priority Fr. 2.50
Up to 2 kg Priority Fr. 9.00